While graphical user interface is something that most people can't live without, it is well known and a fact that if you want to have true control over the administration of your server and not only that but also true control over file manipulating and not only, then you know you got to hit the command prompt...

In that aspect, Linux users have way more tools and utilities at their disposal than Windows users do. And those tools are free in Linux land,so end users dont have to rely on pricey programs that Windows admins/users have to buy in order to have true control over their server and programs via the command line.

So. how do you get the best of the command line world from Linux, on your Windows server?

With [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

GnuWin32 is a set of open source, GNU tools from Linux that work natively in our Windows servers without the need for extra configuration and options. If you are familiar with Linux, having almost all of its prompt commands available to you in Windows is a must and a lifesaver in many cases, be it for server manipulation, tasks, processes or simple shell (bat) scripts..

If you feel intimidated by the install process, you can get an automatic download and maintenance utility from [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

Start using it today...and save yourselves from the grasp of GUI crap that limits you to being a slave of the server...

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