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    Dial down the noise

    Heya long time hanging around gathering up info's etc from all over the net. I feel I can use xRumer and more importantly, Hrefer with a decent amount of precision and skill now however it wasn't always like that.

    For the longest of times it felt like I would take forever to get to grips with everything but eventually it all just kinda clicks together.

    Anyways, now I actually turning a decent buck from my online endeavours I just wanna pass on this little bit of advice:

    Dial down the noise

    By that I mean don't let your head get turned. When your confident you can use the tools at your desposal with a decent degree of skill, settle on a plan and execute it. Aggregate infos if you like and organise however you want but don't pay any attention to new methods, tricks etc until you finished testing the crap outta what you set your mind to.

    Most importantly don't pay too much attention to those frothy-mouthed digital wares peddler IM gurus selling their WSO's or whatever. You don't have to be original to make money online, just a little more dedicated and refined than the guy at #10 int he serps

    Anyways, this post my first substantive contribuition to the forum and it meant to start a conversation. Hope to contribute concrete xRumer/Hrefer stuffs as and when I feel I can.

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    Nice post! I like this post. I am agree with you sardwyn. I also need xRumer. Thanks for sharing your idea.

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