IMPORTANT- Read me before posting: RULES FOR SELLING Files and Services on TheSEOBay
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    Exclamation IMPORTANT- Read me before posting: RULES FOR SELLING Files and Services on TheSEOBay

    Due to a number of sales posts made lately by new users, with 0 (zero) overall posts and participation on the forum, it has been decided that from now on a number of new Rules will apply to the Sales threads on this Forum.

    In order to protect our users and the forum reputation from scammers and snakeoil salesmen and to guarantee that only quality stuff is for sale on this forum, the following rules Apply as of today, July 27th, 2012, and until further notice:
    1. There is a 15$ posting fee on the sales section of the forum. The fee is non-refundable and only gives you the right to post in the sales section IF the files/services you want to sell are genuine and as advertised. Payment is via paypal and the fee is for 1 month. PM me or Jubei for payment details.
    2. Payment of the fee does not give you more rights than those already expressed on these rules.
    3. We reserve the right to deny a sales thread being posted on our forum, without having to give an explanation as to why.
    4. You MUST first notify an admin before posting your sales thread in order to arrange for us to check your software/service.
    5. Sales threads are automatically moderated, that means that they dont appear to our users until an Administrator decides so. If a thread is not moderated for any technical reason and is posted on the forum without our approval, we reserve the right to close the thread when we find out.
    6. In order for a thread to be accepted and shown to our Users, the services and files for sale must be legitimate, genuine and owned by the Poster.
    7. All threads must clearly state what they do, without hiding any info and providing false information to the potential buyers, the forum Users.
    8. A copy of the files or services must be given to the administrators in order to check if they are indeed legitimate, really available AND offer the same things as the Sales posts claim. If the files or services do not reflect on the post made, your Sales Thread will not be accepted until either you modify the sales info or provide a good copy.
    9. In the future we reserve the right to change the posting fee for any sales thread or to add other fees. Dont abuse the opportunity, and dont consider that we will accept crap content on this forum.
    10. The SEO Bay Administrators/Moderators and many of our users are not new in the field. Far from it. Our combined experience far exceeds those of many other forums and we are daily growing in numbers and experience. Trying to scam/cheat/steal our User base will not be tolerated and the offenders will face the consequences. Respect our Users and remember that you are here to offer a Service so be polite and honest in your dealings.
    11. You dont need to provide a review copy on your sales thread, unless you want to. The item being sold on the forum is the best guarantee of its quality. If the service/file are bad/not what you advertise and YOU KNOW IT and fail to do anything about it, your thread will simply be locked and you will gain a place in the wall of shame.
    12. We dont have the time, nor the resources to test everything you will send to us, when you want us to do so. We will test the files at some point, sooner or later. You dont know when we will test the files, so dont get any funny ideas or get rich quick scams in your head. You will only end in the "wall"

    Thank you,
    The SEO Bay Staff

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