What would you give to have more time with your mum.? My mum Susan, is the heart of our family. She is the most loving and amazing mother and very recent grandmother, you could ever hope to have. This beautiful lady has a heart of gold, she would do and give anything for anyone. In May 2018 our lives were turned upside down. At the age of 50, Mum was diagnosed with squamous cell with stage 4 advanced Sino nasal cancer. Since then she has had a constant rounds of scans/pet scans, x-rays and fine needle aspirations plus blood tests. The cancer has continued to spread to her skull. Susan is always positive and carries on fighting. However, in June 2018 things took a turn for the worse and she became very ill. Susan's cancer began to spread to her skull and for the past 7 months she has been unable to eat or drink without it coming straight out her nose. At first she was offered surgery, but doctors advised they were not very hopeful of it being successful as the cure rate is low as 10% and it would be a very extensive and invasive operation over two days which would also mean a complete reconstruction of my mum's face nose and upper jaw, then of course it comes with death threatening side effects. Two weeks later we are told surgery is impossible and that mum is terminal and only has months to live. Radiotherapy has been offered with severe side effects. Mum refuses to take this option following review's from cancer patient forums as she doesn't want to suffer any more than she already is. We refuse to stop fighting for Susan and scoured the internet for new types of treatments. This is when we discovered a treatment abroad. this could offer pioneering therapy & treatment which they have had good success for patients with cancer. Being told this could lead to mum going into "complete remission" this has left us no choice as a family but to find the funds to continue the treatment. This ultimately is the best hope of her survival. Mum has shown positive signs and improvements in her health and any help we receive, big or small, could give Mum the opportunity to beat this horrible illness and us the opportunity to keep the heart of our family. We would be very fortunate to find these financial resources to allow Mum to continue with treatment. However, this is not without having to sell, borrow and empty our bank accounts to cover the initial cost. This has led to a crippling financial effect on all of us.

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