Programming, where do you start?
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Thread: Programming, where do you start?

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    definitely go with php. easy to learn and you will use it for almost everything regarding the web and website creation. it's also a quick way for handy little tools like your own email address generator if you don't like the one from scrapebox for example. i don't think that you can be really successful on the web without at least a basic knowledge of programming.

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    i am dropped out of engg.,
    so as i am going further in this field or biz., sometimes i feel like i am missing something , so i m learning php for web scripts and c# for windows apps., creating.,

    if i became good in both, then ill be awesome.,. ,., :P

    good luck

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    If your learning C# I imagine your using .NET...?
    If so, I've never had a use for PHP.

    You most likely already (should) have knowledge of HTML/Java/CSS and if you don't that's where I would start.

    C# and Java are very similar and for that reason, I would recommend learning C.NET but VB.NET's logic/declarations are much easier to grasp and are pretty much the same in the end.

    Once you understand C or VB in the .NET framework using Visual Studio, you can start writing ASP web pages in that language as well... which is very nice. You don't have to switch between different languages as you can write your webpage in C or VB language and when it's compiled- javascript, references, and a bunch of other things are automatically taken care of based upon your VB/C code. Then if you want to break and work on your windows application, its the same language, same framework- which really allows you to get a better understanding of how Windows uses the framework for future projects.

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    xRumer does not require any programming languages and knowing programming won't help you with xRumer.
    It's got its own system. You've gotta learn the xRumer files and how they work.
    So far, I haven't found any real good tuts on it and I guess because nobody *really* wants you to know.

    You can ask specific questions about xRumer and you'll probably get the best answers you'll ever get, right here on

    As for programming languages, Kensai indicated that you've gotta set your GOALS first. What exactly are you trying to accomplish?

    PHP is used to create interactive Websites. The code is only ever executed on the server that is hosting the Website.
    PHP can be run without a Web server as an application but I wouldn't tackle that just yet.
    C# can be used for that too with ASP.NET but also for Windows based apps. A lot of the apps you buy for SEO are written in C#.

    Javascript is used on the *users* computer to manipulate the Web browser, not the Web server.
    We sometimes use this to outfox Web 2 sites and scrape stuff - but - that's pretty advanced Javascript.

    Javascript, C# and Java are all *very* similar as far as syntax is concerned. PHP isn't too far off.
    The basic languages are very different.
    I wouldn't recommend going w/ basic or Pascal or languages like that because they're not really used for SEO purposes (that I'm aware of).

    HTML is the basic language that browsers read and that make up Web pages.
    Before anything else, you should really know HTML.
    CSS is used to control how your Web page looks but the newer advanced forms of CSS can be used for a little more than that.
    CSS, like Javascript is generally run on the client's (the browser user's) computer. The browser reads CSS.

    I started w/ visual basic 4 and ended up getting certified by Microsoft in Visual Basic 5.
    My first Web work was done using ASP classic with VBScript (pretty much Visual Basic) on the server.
    At first I used VBScript on the client too but then Javascript came out and quickly became a lot more popular.
    I only ever use VB for Microsoft Office integration and occasionally for small Windows scripts to manipulate files or bootstrap PHP.

    I've written extensive code in PHP, Javascript and in C# for my SEO endeavors.
    I use php to manipulate most of my sites, including auto-blogging, emailing, etc.
    I use Javascript to handle client (brower) side functionality and to out fox other sites.

    I use C# to write Windows based applications for file manipulation and to programmatically control a browser (like to auto-post, comment, etc.).

    Java is *not* Javascript though the syntax is very similar.
    Java can be used like PHP on Web servers but also as a stand alone application. Java is a lot like C# all around.
    It can be used to embed small applications directly into Web pages using 'applets'.
    I pretty much never use Java anymore.

    You're not going to master ANY of these languages, let alone all of them in less than a year.
    Figure out what your priorities are and go from there.

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