Was uploaded new databases
(checking for active link was not made. The databases was checked for 100% successful registration.)

Using these databases can get more than 188.000 successful registered profiles on forums.
The databases can be downloaded from xrumer tech support forum

Description of database:
All_Profiles_10_2016.txt ? database with all profiles, more than 188.000 links
All_Profiles_10_2016_Hardcaptchas.txt ? database with links which are used hard type of captcha. It?s recommended to use services for decoding. It?s possible to use in AntiSpam system. Contains about 7.900 links.
All_Topics_10_2016.txt ? database for topic creation using with option ?Posting on behalf of previous registered user?, more than 3.200 links
NotRus_Profiles_10_2016.txt ?database of English profiles, more than 147.000 links
Rus_Profiles_10_2016.txt ?database of Russian profiles, more than 40.800 links
RusNoUcoz_Profiles_10_2016.txt ?database of Russian profiles without engines like Ucoz etc., more than 24.000 links

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