Hi I am new to Xrumer and have purchased an Xrumer VPS to test the software.

From Videos I have seen before buying the VPS I had the idea that ALL the ZLinklist would be succesfull posts.

Now, that I understand better I should only look the succesful and partial succesfull tabs after a blast.

In this case you might blast a lets say 30.000 forum linklist and have about 120 succesful posts and around 2.000 partial that will be moderated and most of them will not pass the moderation.

So from what I understand its not all the ZLinklist succesful post but only we should look on Xrumer succesful tab.

So the thing I dont understand is WHY when operating Xrumer it shows all different kind of operations like R (Registering), P (Posting).???

I mean with such amount of work we should have much greater succesful postings.

Note: this is only my experience, please post back if you have other Xrumer experience...

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