Hello all! I finally have my Xrumer and Hrefer up and running. Watched all the videos I could on the subject, got all my settings-minus mods and a specialty program or two-tweaked for success! I am excited.

However, I can not seem to be able to find or research the code needed to insert bbcode or HTML into my posts and make them show up as the image it is supposed to depict. When I hit "test" in my profile creator, it just shows up as a 1 by 1 box with nothing in it. If that makes sense.

I would welcome any tips on how to actually insert this code properly, to include any helpful setting you may know for a higher posting success rate! Haha

Also, I am planning on one day soon incorporating banner ads into my posts, so if you are feeling especially nice I wouldn't mind being pointed to a tutorial page on how this might be accomplished

Thanks in advance! The forums here have been very helpful so far in getting me where I currently sit!

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