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Thread: VPS sugestions

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    VPS sugestions

    Hi everyone,

    I know most of you propose using dedis for performance reasons, but the cost factor is a bit stiff for me.

    What spec should I look for if I go VPS? RAM, CPU, cores, etc...

    OR Are you aware of any dedis that are XRumer friendly, under $100/m?

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    For Xrumer, you need to pay attention to the number of CPU cores and RAM that your VPS or Dedicated Server has.

    2 cores and at least 1 GB of RAM for the VPS will allow you to run Xrumer. If you want it to go faster, which is linked to the number of threads Xrumer can run, get more CPU power.

    Also extra RAM will help, especially if you plan on running other applications in parallel with Xrumer. Go up to 4GB of RAM. Anything above that though, if you dont use a ton of programs or host any databases, is an overkill.

    Also, disable the Recaptcha breaking engine as most of the time it simply does not work. It works for 1-2 weeks at most after a new Xrumer release, while Google works on an update. Once Google patches Recaptcha, Xrumer cant break it anymore. But since most users will have the option to break Recaptcha enabled, Xrumer will retry and waste a lot of CPU power trying the impossible.

    Finally, keep in mind that no matter how many cores you have on your VPS, those are always virtual. On a VPS, there are a number of real, physical CPUs that are split among the users of the servers. Those parts of the real physical CPUs are what we see as cores on our VPS servers. Therefore, the more parts a physical CPU is split at, the less power for everyone on the server.

    And since most providers, by default oversell their resources, as they are into it for the money naturally, you will always be the looser when using a VPS. Hopefully, you will find a provider that does not oversell by a lot, and thus you will have more CPU power left to you. But always, a VPS will be slower then a dedicated server, something that is reflected in the price as well..

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