Rethinking rel="nofollow" link value
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    Rethinking rel="nofollow" link value

    I was modding a new platform before I realized it was nofollow but I said screw it and modded it anyway. Then I read up on it a little more and it turns out nofollows will pass value if another link is pointing to it. Otherwise a nofollow tells robots not to pass any of the current pages value for weight... mostly just Google, they created the nofollow tag. So I figured if nothing else I could use these as spring-boards for juice from other blasts.

    I gathered up a small list very specific to that nofollow platform and gave it a blast last night to a site that has been sitting idle / on slight decline in the Serps for about a week now. The keywords I'm blasting for are product/service related with pretty high competition.

    Blast info (not forums)
    430 Registered Profiles with nofollow URL-anchored links.
    418 Successful Posts with nofollow anchored links.
    3/4 were PR3<

    The Results were a little interesting.

    What I took from it
    While its a small test, the site being blasted is in competition where #1 for any of those single digit ranking keywords in the picture will bring in a minimum of a few thousand $ each month. I waited and made sure the site was sitting idle before the blast and even with a small scale run of 800 links on 400 unique domains all nofollow there were positive results the following day, granted not much.

    What was a little interesting is the Keyword and page I blasted for specifically was the one ranking #7 in the picture and they were all directly to my site. These results are similar to how blasting tiers effect my Serps. Whenever I blast tiers the juice doesn't always flow how I expected. It seems Google makes it's own decision, weighted towards the anchor, about what it adds relevance to as it flows through the link-chain. All keywords shown in the picture are anchor linked on the site from each page in a nav bar and through a few mentions in content.

    The fact it moved keyword ranked #7 +1, the most valuable of those shown in green- and my target, is enough evidence to me that nofollows carry value by them self. It's not the most conclusive test but it answered my question... just figured I'd share for anyone with slight curiosity about nofollow link value.

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    Nice one adhoc, this shows what has been known for a while to some of us, that nofollow links do have a value! People worry too much about follow-nofollow without giving any weight to their own tests and seeing for themselves, luckily articles as this one will open their eyes. Well done!


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