SEO Myth: .info domains are worthless for ranking in search engines
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    SEO Myth: .info domains are worthless for ranking in search engines

    This one has to be one of the oldest, ongoing, most stupid SEO myths that I am constantly hearing on every damn forum out there and coming out of the mouth of every self-righteous and self-proclaimed SEO herd-master.

    The main story goes that, if you ever plan on starting a new domain, you should only be getting a .com or .net or similar extensions for your domain and that you must not bother with a .info domain because .info domains are worthless and very hard to rank!

    let me say that one more time.

    .info domains are not only the cheapest domains your money can buy (buying 10 .infos for the price of a .com), but they are also very good in terms of ranking if you know what the hell you are doing and dont just go crazy blasting and applying "proven seo l33t techniques that w0r|<"

    I have been involved in a large number of site startups, both for personal usage and for many clients and in many cases the domains where .info domains. One good thing about .info is also that many domains in .com or .net etc land (the common extensions that is) are already taken and the only thing that you are left with is the .info domain.

    Here is one of my test domains, was a pr4 after a couple of months of simple XR blasts and now its a pr3 after nearly a year of NO SEO WORK on it at all!

    The full name is not visible because people tend to do stupid things when given full disclosure (surprise! some people are stupid!) .


    A couple of senior forum members have seen the site and can also vouch for its existence, but even if they did not take a moment to think about it:

    Why would a .info domain not be worthy the same as a .com domain to google? Where is the logic in that and WHO THE HELL came up with the notion that they do not work in the first place? I am pretty sure that it must have been a "guru" over at BHW. The place were logic stops and herd-mentality kicks in.

    .info domains are just domains PEOPLE! Google does NOT care if its .info or .com or .kissmyass as long as it has content and backlinks, the 2 things that google really cares about, the site will actually do pretty fine!

    SEO Myth: .info domains are worthless for ranking in search engines?
    Verdict: BUSTED

    Noticed how I said content above? How about duplicate content? And how about the number of backlinks?
    Well, patience grasshoper!

    New mythbuster episode coming up soon!

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    well done, i have a site ranking #1 for competitive term on an info domain for about a year now

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    Good Stuff Jubei

    There is something about anything that isn't a .com that turns some off.
    Reminds me, I've got a few .info's in my domain bank I need to do something with.

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    nice read

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    It's very true...

    I've been using some .info's for large scope cloaking purposes and when I go back and compare .info's vs. the com/org/net sites - the .info's rank every bit as well and have just as many pages indexed as the other's...

    Really .info's are a god-send to an extent. On the down side, afilias has become more aggressive about how they are treating the .info extension. There's been reports of people having several hundred .info's 'taken' by afilias with no means of resolution, no notice, and no process for getting them back.

    Now, that shouldn't be a problem for 99% of marketers, but.... it's something to be aware of.

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    Great post Jub.....I have had the same experience with .info's ranking just as well.....if you know what your doing and don't go crazy with backlinks......thx man!


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