Making Money Via Other People's Xrumer :P
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    Making Money Via Other People's Xrumer :P

    I created a PPC account a week ago , Somthing I dont normally do but I had to test out the idea for myself. I made $67.98 in 7 days . Here's how I done it.

    1. Created a 3000 page site , each page was named as so :


    I made loads of pages using footprints that hrefer would collect and also used of footprints in txt format on the pages.

    Next I made a register button for the webpages and when clicked it would follow through to a link provided by the PPC company

    Then I just sat back and watched everyones xrumers hammer the hell out of the register button.

    The thing that got me , was how simple it was and yet so effective.

    Well maybe not anymore lol

    Now that you have the theory there is all kinds of swift little ways to improve it.

    (I will not be supporting questions in regards to this method)

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    Been there myself (for testing purposes always!) and the conclusion is : It works. For a bit. Then you get banned by the PPC company.
    Taking into account the fact that there is a TON of Xrumer and its buddies out there, I am sure people can find ways to use that traffic to their advantage. Its what you do with the traffic once it hits your page. One example is PPV instead of PPC, while the income will be much lower, it will also be much safer...

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    I want to try this but I imagine it will only work for a while and I'm busy enough but...
    I was thinking those survey's or email submission forms that pay $1-3 per email.
    Some of those survey's too, if you set the profile editing form or the registration form up right, you could have it answer most of them.

    The only thing is after a period of no conversions I would imagine it would be obvious your traffic/emails arn't legit.

    Although if you rotate in a new email offer (there are tons) per every 10 "registrations" or so... you may stay under the radar

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    lmao this is hilarious. I will give it a try. Thanks for the awesome idea.


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