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    Recruit nbhead is an unknown quantity at this point
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    18th Jul 2013
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    Hello all,

    good to find a forum with lots of info, much appreciated and thanks to all.

    I bought xrumer 4 years ago, more for fun to see what it can do and ended up not doing much with it as normally I don't engage that much in blackhat.

    Reason why I am now using xrumer again and therefore want to be part of your forum is the blackhat seo challenge and it is fun to see that basically not much has changed, as spam still ranks easily, same as 14 years ago, although it is a little bit different now, but really not much.

    I am now thinking of using xrumer more often and do more side-projects with it to entertain myself and of course make some money the blackhat way.

    I also hope that this forum will continue to stay alive, as all forums from a couple of years ago apparently don't exist anymore.


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    Big Boss jubei has a spectacular aura about jubei has a spectacular aura about jubei has a spectacular aura about

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    Welcome to Theseobay nhbead. Although a lot of the rules of the game have changed and change every year, the goal and the spirit remains the same. Find a place where you can discuss with like minded individuals the theory and practice needed to gain the upper hand in the SEO game.

    After 2.5 years we now have a 6000 members community here and many people will help you out with any questions that you might have related to the topics on the forum. And while it might not be the case that everyone that is registered on the forum is also contributing, we steadily see a rise on members and quality content as time goes by and many lurkers eventually break the silence, either because they need help or because they want to help others and to share information.

    We will be around for a long time as we are not just theorist and we practice what we preach. The reason for all the other "forums" going belly up, is that their admins went in only for their profit and no one cared to share any info openly with the rest of the users.

    That's why they all had VIP bullshit sections where they claimed to share the "good" info in it and nothing was discussed in public. We can see where that way of doing things got them and their imitators that sprung like mushrooms and disappeared faster than you can seo SEO.

    TheSEObay on the other hand is run by people that not only work with Xrumer and similar tools, but we are willing to share a lot of information and help others for free on the forum, that's why we are open and not closed with VIP like others before us that disappeared. Thats why access to the forum is FREE and the forum is open to all.

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    Big Boss kensai is a name known to all kensai is a name known to all kensai is a name known to all kensai is a name known to all kensai is a name known to all kensai is a name known to all

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    Welcome nbhead, Jubei covered it all for me so there is not much left for me to say.

    Enjoy your stay and learn as much as you can on Xrumer and other tools. We have a lot of information in the Xrumer section so I suggest you stop by the Xrumer Tutorials section to learn a lot of things only found in this forum and why not, share anything you wish with us.


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