List of changes and improvements from Hrefer 4.9

It was significantly improved the work with HTTPS through SOCKS (it?s recommended to use elite/paid SOCKS 5)
It was updated the logic of program to work with search engines:

Google Classic
Google Mobile

It was updated the modules of work with HTTPS
It was modified engines.ini files for parameter Query. Now it supports macros and variations.
It was implemented the possibility to process Deflatem especially for BING search engine.
Updated user-agents
In options at delay set up was added new parameter: ?For no-proxy threads only?, which allow setting up delay between pages only for those threads for which proxies are not used.
For example: it will be helpful to parse Yandex and Google without proxies but with big delay between pages processing, but other search engines ? will be parsed without proxies and delays.
It was adjusted the logic of processing of NoAnyResults
It was adjusted the logic of display of ?probably corrupted? for engine.ini
It was updated MakeToIndex.ini
It was made several bugfixies.
It was added a warning message for usages of SOCKS for search engines that requires HTTPS-connections.
It was updated /proxyc/engines.php and /proxyc/list.txt

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