footprints for smf, phpbb, vbiuletin, ipb
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Thread: footprints for smf, phpbb, vbiuletin, ipb

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    Big Boss kensai is a name known to all kensai is a name known to all kensai is a name known to all kensai is a name known to all kensai is a name known to all kensai is a name known to all

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    About my post back in June, when I say 2-3 footprints, I mean per forum engine. No need for 100 footprints on my book.

    Make sure you have the most common footprints for a forum and then work with sieve filters to clean the lists of crap links.
    That should do it for most of the forums Xrumer can post. For the more exotic ones, which are not more than 10% of the remaining list, well, use your brains.

    And honestly, no one should be asking for footprints on THIS forum at least. If you took half as much time reading what is ALREADY in this forum, as you do sitting on your ass people, you should have found 10 ways to get your footprints and 100 footprints already...

    No one is willing to help someone who is not willing to help himself. Spot the error in your ways and fucking fix it, no one ever won anything by being a lazy...

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    Recruit constantin74 is an unknown quantity at this point
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    about big G ?

    I find in my serch documentation in an pdf this information:

    " because of the recent spam query that Google faced, the Big G has decided to stop the return of "inurl" and "Powered by", so we alter the signature to allow it run on other search engines, plus avoid Google filtering:
    "by SMF" "Signature" "?action=profile" "

    I want your opinions plese

    for kensai
    I have more footprints find in my search and I see many opininions wat is the best, but have low efficacity to find the good forums with open profiles...

    I want to know what is the best and how to find forums that have open to see profiles and not need to registred for be more efficent, what is key in footprints to make difference between 2 types (open and close too see without registration)

    is good that profil if is no opeen and will be indexed by serch engines?
    I see many opinions and I'm confuse, i want to see some footprints for people with big experience to make an opinion and to make difference and apply in future and make right choose of to many footprints that is in internet just footprints that make differece


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    Recruit jingwen is an unknown quantity at this point
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    if you find some footprint and scrape it,then post it with the mod,i think it could make your success rate be high


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